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Flensburger Radler Swing Top Bottle, Flensburger

Flensburger Radler Swing Top Bottle


Mixed in the perfect 1:1 ratio. 50% Flensburger Pils and 50% Homemade Lemonade. An extraordinarily fresh and sparkling mixture not only makes a good impression with its deep blue swing top bottle, but also – due to its low-calorie content – on the figure.
Pleasantly fruity and refreshing, finely tart and with a clear but harmonious note of lemon. Our shandy is a natural taste experience - without any artificial flavours.


Quantity Available: 12 or more

Product Code: S13507

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As Germany’s most northerly brewery, Flensburger are closer to Copenhagen’s innovative beer scene than they are to the beer halls of Munich and Germany’s brewing heartland. The brewery even draws water from a well that’s fed by an Ice Age spring flowing from Scandinavia. Their coastal-grown barley is buffeted by baltic winds, not bavarian breezes.

But they still brew German classics, like the crisp, hoppy Flensburger Pilsner, or the elegant, floral Flensburger Gold, all sealed with a flip-top stopper which give the beers their famous ‘Plop!’. A sound, an advertising slogan, and a local nickname for Flensburger themselves.

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