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Frederiksdal Sur Lie Cherry Wine Gift Tube

Frederiksdal Sur Lie Cherry Wine Gift Tube


The location of Frederiksdal on Lolland’s westernmost tip, right next to the Langeland Strait, is ideal for cherry production. The climate is perfect. The sun is reflected in the sea. Winter is mild and spring comes early. This all contributes to a long growing season, resulting in great the taste and complexity of the cherries. Only the small, black Danish Stevnsbær cherry, referred to as the Nordic grape, is used in the wine production.

Our Sur Lie is aged in French oak casks, between 225 and 450 litres in volume, and is the result of an amalgamation of 2-3 different vintages. The amalgamation of mature and young vintages lends this wine a further degree of complexity: the younger vintages provide fresh and subtle fruity notes, while the mature ones provide more complex tones. This really is a nuanced wine and one that is a perfect companion to plain chocolate, marinated berries, cakes and, not least, dessert dishes such as risalamande. Sur Lie benefits from a period of decanting before serving. You can leave the wine open in a cool place for a few months.


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