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2015 was a very fine vintage...




Forgive us please for blowing our own trumpet, but on this occasion we intend to go all out Jeremiah Clark's The Prince of Denmark's March performed by Håkan Hardenberger wearing a gold-lined Gucci suit and Unicorn-kissed Ray Bans. We sell wine for a living, which sounds glamorous but mostly involves moving heavy boxes from one side of a room to another and working desperately anti-social hours.

It is, however, glamorous enough to have awards ceremonies and 2015 was a bumper harvest for South Downs Cellars. IWSC trophy for Independent Retailer of the Year, International Wine Challenge Regional Merchant of the Year, Runner-up at the Decanter Small Independent Wine Retailer of the Year and, before we could catch our champagne-laced breath, Drinks Retailer of the Year 2016. So, this business does have champagne moments but you can stop cheering and whooping now. For what does it all mean? That we are great? Clearly. That the judges were all drunk? Definitely. But we can only be as successful as the wines that we sell and to that end I implore you to try some of the remarkable wines that helped us to snatch some of these gongs. 

Chateau de Gaure's Pour mon Pere, for example, is a funky beast of a red wine that enters the room sticking its chest out, strutting and cockle-doodle-dooing like a horny rooster. Super concentrated, an absolute show-off of a drink that is unashamedly delicious. This is wine bred from red-blooded passion and damned-hard yaka, it is well worth investigating.

It is also a pleasure for us to represent Chateau de Brigue - an estate that produces some of the best value Provencal wines money can buy. There are two tricks to producing fabulous Rose and their Prestige Rose conjures them both. One is not to have the words White or Zinfandel anywhere near the label and the other is to create a wine which transports you to the place from whence it came. This refreshing blend of Grenache and Syrah will bring the sunshine of Southern of France into you life at anytime of year.

From the exceptionally good value wines of Domaine les Yeuses in the Languedoc, the Delic' Yeuses Blanc helped us on the way to recognition with its luscious blend of Viognier and Colombard as did our own pride and joy South Downs Bins 2, a sparkling wine made in West Sussex solely for us by one of Britain's finest wine producers. These are merely a few examples of the super wines that we have the pleasure to be able to offer and it is a honour for a us to be able to do so. After all, we are merely a mouthpiece for the blood, sweat and tears of wine makers throughout the world and the beautiful things that that they create. We will continue to shout out loud and proud on their behalf.

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