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Bring On The Beer Advent Calendar

It would not have been that long ago that the idea of a Beer Advent Calendar would have filled me with dread. Just imagine stumbling downstairs in the morning to expectantly open that little cardboard door only discover that lurking behind it was the disappointment of yet another can of Skol. Not conducive to a Merry Christmas or indeed a Happy New Year.


Thank goodness the world has moved on. England are going to win The Ashes in Australia, the X-Factor just seems to get better with age and Brexit talks are moving smoothly and amicably forward.  Hang on.... So the world may not have moved on that much, but the world of beer has. Make whatever you will of the term 'Craft' beer, but what cannot be denied is the sheer volume of high quality beer being produced around the UK.


We have specially selected some favourites and without giving too much away expect some modern classics lurking in your calendar such as Beavertown Gamma Ray, the discerning customer's Punk IPA, plus some local brews including treats from the ever impressive Gun Brewery near Heathfield and something from perhaps the nicest guys to ever mash out at 360 Degrees Brewery in Sheffield Park.


There will be the odd surprise of something to really challenge your taste buds along the way and an absolute classic brew from Lewes stalwart Harvey's to warm you on Christmas Eve. 


What better way to enjoy the lead up to Christmas? 

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