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If you like great beer...

Approximately three to four years ago some London craft beers began to appear on our shelves; proving quite the noisy neighbours as they jostled with more traditional types from locally renowned breweries.

In no time at all a throng of new pretenders were present, some of them brazenly shouting out loud (Beavertown), some of them not so much (Kernel). They certainly weren’t pretending though, the beer was really good. Not that good beer was hard to find previously, far from it, it’s just that these breweries were walking a different walk than many of us had been accustomed to.

Over that period of time craft beer in the UK boomed, as did our range of beer, and presently both show no sign of abatement. The country is awash with more pale ales and IPA’s than you could shake a barrel load of finely coiffed beards at. There are undoubtedly many shining examples to savour (beards included) and yet with so many contenders racing to a pale hoppy middle ground it can also be tricky to back a winner.

We’d be the first to admit though that our go to beer would exhibit a pale complexion and a generous dose of hops, so while less is frequently more, it’s still good to try different styles and more experimental offerings. If you haven’t already sampled the delights of a Saison or a Witbier then please do, they are incredibly refreshing. The latest collaboration between Wild Beer Co and Beavertown has a resulted in a fine beer, using a core of spelt and buckwheat and featuring blueberries and bay leaves amongst its list of ingredients. If you really want to dazzle the senses then try this.

What’s in store?

Over the next few weeks there’s some exciting additions and changes taking place to the SDC beer range. First of all we’re welcoming in over twenty brand new beers, some pale, some not, as well as a host of breweries from t’up north that haven’t previously been stocked.

Buxton Brewery, Cloudwater Beer Co, Marble (both from Manchester) are due in and from Yorskhire there's Mallinsons and Vocation Brewery. New beers from Siren Craft Brew, Wiper and True, Sam Smiths and Thornbridge are also imminent. By gosh, there’s even some mead on its way.

Saving the best news ‘til last, we’re stoked to announce that from mid September onwards our customers will be able to purchase draught beer to takeaway from both stores. There’ll be a choice of litre glass bottles and two litre growlers to dispense into, both of which can obviously be brought back for repeat use. Two different kegs will be able to run simultaneously with both local breweries and those from further afield featuring alongside each other.

Updates will be posted via twitter @SDCellars and on our Facebook page, South Downs Cellars.


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